A Comfortable Ride for Passengers

April 2nd, 2015

A Comfortable Ride for Passengers

According to APTA, over 35 million people use public transportation each day. With the increasing amount of people using public transportation every year, comfort and durability are key features that transit customers and providers strive to provide.

USSC’s passenger seating is designed and manufactured by 4One, a joint venture with Freedman Seating in Chicago, IL. 4One passenger seating provides passengers with comfortable options for buses, subways, and light-rail systems. The main focus in the design of passenger seating is comfort, durability, cost-effectiveness, and maintainability. The goal of 4One passenger seating is to provide customers the best transit experience available with affordable, comfortable and easily-maintainable seats.

What makes a seat comfortable? The seats should allow your body to be comfortable and not confined. 4One passenger seating incorporates the most advanced materials and technology to allow your body room, while also being durable, long lasting and safe. With industry leading hip to knee spacing, and extra width, 4One strives to fit as many body types as possible.  4One seating incorporates industry leading ergonomic design, space, and aesthetics into the most popular transit passenger seat in North America.


Ergonomics is the science of designing what we use to fit the way we use our bodies. The aim of ergonomics is to maintain a good posture while sitting. Sitting is a position that adds stress to the structure of the spine. To avoid developing back problems 4One seats are ergonomically designed with waterfall front edged contoured cushions. This design helps supports the lower back and brings good posture to the body.


Passengers must be able to board the bus conveniently. For this to happen there needs to be extra space throughout the bus. Seat contouring provides more space and hip-to-knee room for passengers. This additional feature adds leg room and ease of entering and exiting the bus. The space saving design is also ergonomically efficient. 4One seating does not leave passengers feeling confined while sitting, loading, or walking through the bus. With this design a bus can maximize its seating capacity and passengers are still able to sit comfortably.  


Aesthetics is very important when it comes to a passenger’s experience on public transportation. For a passenger to feel comfortable the design and artwork of our engineers is very important. 4One seating helps facilitate a clean atmosphere because our inserts and back shells are made of materials that make it difficult to vandalize, cut or graffiti. 4One inserts are full of vibrant colors that improve the overall aesthetics of the bus.


The grab rails and antimicrobial upholstery on the seats help improve passenger safety. The antimicrobial technology targets bacteria on the protected surface of the upholstery for the life of the furniture. This technology is also environmentally friendly leaving the passenger feeling comfortable knowing they are protected.

4ONE is also focused on improving the experience of transit passengers with disabilities. The ADA-compliant Q’POD seating securement device is the most popular system selected by the ADA community in North America. The Q’POD is the first fully integrated securement system that provides a complete ADA system. There are many benefits that make the Q’POD the most comfortable and user friendly ADA seating system in today’s market.  The Q’POD includes a stabilizing bumper, scooter ring and integrated shoulder strap. All of these parts on the Q’POD ensure the passenger is riding with superior comfort with maximum safety. Look for a future blog post focusing on Q’POD!

4ONE has the mindset of the passenger while designing and engineering the passenger seating. Our focus is always to exceed our customers’ expectations in service, quality, delivery and value.

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