Our people are our biggest assets.

USSC believes that company growth will be driven by our employees personal growth.  We are always looking for people who embody our CORE values.

GAS Factor

Dedicated employees that are willing to do what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, with a strong work ethic that comes from within.

Know the Waterline

We value employees that are willing to and encourage others to make decisions; Make a decision to the best of your ability, and know when to get your supervisor involved.

We are All in Sales

Every employee must recognize that he/she is a Company representative; each customer contact, whether internal or external, is an opportunity to promote the Company and leave the customer with a positive impression.

Reinvest in the Future

USSC is committed to continuous growth and improvement; we will reinvest profits and resources into our employees, products, assets and processes; people are our only sustainable competitive advantage.