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Evolution G2A

G2 Driver Suspension Seats: Engineered for maximum comfort and safety with a durable Pendulum Scissors System. USSC’s Evolution G2 suspension seats are ergonomically designed to help reduce day-to-day driver fatigue…

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LX Series

USSC LX Series driver seats are designed to reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. LX Series seats comply with international ISO and ANSI vibration standards. Integrated Seat Belts Air Lumbar…

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Evolution G2ELP P1M

Designed with the latest in engineering technology for maximum seat comfort and safety. USSC’s G2ELP seat with P1M mechanical suspension integrates the best in seat ergonomics and suspension integrity that…

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Evolution G2ELP-P1A

USSC‘s Evoultion G2ELP driver seats are ergonomically designed to help reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. The structural integrity built into each seat greatly dampens erratic movements caused by varying…

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High Back Model with integrated, fixed headrest Air lumbar & Side Bolsters Adjustable Armrest Seat Cushion Tilt Seat Cushion Extension Air Height Adjustment Adjustable Shock Absorber Quick Air Dump Switch…

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