Ambulance Attendant Seat

Engineered to keep you safe while you’re saving others.

EMTs have called for new ambulance design standards requiring safety features that allow them to perform their job without undue risk compromising their own safety. Valor First Responder Seating’s Ambulance Attendant Seat answers their call. Backed by a proven history in first responder seating for firefighters and the military, Valor First Responder Seating’s Ambulance Attendant Seat is engineered for high performance to serve high performing professionals.

  • R-back with Integrated Headrest
  • Fore/Aft Adjustment with 6” Horizontal Slide
  • Adjustable Back Recline, with Dual Discontinuous Gears, Reclines up to 35º from Vertical
  • Heavy Duty Seat Frame for ABTS Application
  • Four Retractor 4-Point Internal Mount Belt System with Fully Extendable Harnesses
  • Easy Click Belt Release
  • Custom Antimicrobial Vinyl Upholstery
  • Vacuum-formed Seamless or Cut and Sew Covers
  • Custom Color Options Available
  • Integrated Child Seat (ICS) accommodates children weighing 20-65 lbs.
  • Armrests: left hand, right hand, or both
  • Custom belt configuration (black, red or orange webbing)
    • 3-Point dual retractor belt with ready reach
    • 4-Point belt: fixed lap with manual adjust
    • 6-Point belt with 6 retractors
  • Custom base to suit mounting application
  • Custom color options of antimicrobial vinyl upholstery
  • Seat occupant sensors
  • Multi-position Locking Swivel
  • Seat mount platform with 18” x 18” storage compartment, available in 6” or 9” height with standard or optional
  • Locking twist knob