Harpreet Singh is a veteran para transit driver, working for Edmonton Transit / Disabled Adult Transit Service (DATS). Mr. Singh has over 20 years of experience working as a contractor and city employee serving disabled citizens in Edmonton, Alberta. He stated that on the old buses the seats were soft and offered very little support for his back. After putting in a full day of driving, a lot of drivers were having discomfort from the seats.

USSC Seating was able to solve all the issues of comfort and support for Mr. Singh. As a key member of the operator focus group looking at various concerns concerning seats in the buses, Mr. Singh helped advocate for the USSC fully adjustable seating. After rigorous testing, Mr. Singh confirmed the operators’ feedback was extremely positive.

With this positive feedback coming from the operators, the decision was made to install USSC seats into all of the existing buses and all future bus purchases. Mr. Singh and his fellow operators are very appreciative of DATS management looking into and getting new seats for the buses.


Peterborough Transit has had USSC drivers seats since getting our first ones in 2004. We now have USSC drivers seats in every vehicle in our fleet including our ParaTransit vans. We currently have a fleet size of 59 vehicles. Our drivers love their comfort and ease of operation. They stand up well to our rigorous daily use. We have had virtually no issues with the seats since getting the first ones 11 years ago.  Peterborough Transit is very pleased with USSC and will continue to use them in the future.