Commuter Rail/Locomotive

LX Series

USSC LX Series driver seats are designed to reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. LX Series seats comply with international ISO and ANSI vibration standards. Integrated Seat Belts Air Lumbar…

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9000 Series

Options: Multiple Chamber Air Adjustable Lumbar Support: Available with the 9001AL only. Front Adjustable, Flip Up Armrests 4 Way Adjustable Headrest Protective Backshell Docket 90A Compliant Materials Mechanical Adjustable Lumbar…

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G2Z Loco Sleeper

Standard Features: R22 back with integrated headrest (also available in high back with 4-way adjustable headrest) Infinitely-Adjustable Mechanical Lumbar Adjustable Armrests Infinitely-Adjustable Back Recline with Dual Discontinuous Gears Tilting Sleeper…

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USSC Model 9009

Designed for Switchers and Smaller Cab Configurations Available on a Wheeled Tripod

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USSC Model 9010

Designed for Medium to Large Cab Configurations Available in a Medium-Back Configuration

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USSC Model 9012

Designed for Large Cab Configurations Available with Adjustable Seat Cushion Length

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