Wolfington Body Company & Fogmaker Committed To Fire Safety

June 6th, 2017

Fire Suppression Making School Buses Safer

Exton, PA, June 6, 2017– Wolfington Body Company, a leading distributor and contractor for school buses in the state of PA, DE and NJ, is a new distributor, service provider and installer of USSC Group’s Fogmaker Fire Suppression System.

Richard Wolfington Jr., President of Wolfington Body Company stated, “We are excited about our relationship with Fogmaker North America and we are 100% committed to educating school districts on the benefits of the fire suppression system on all buses. Going forward, we plan on using the Fogmaker fire suppression system as a standard practice for our fleet of school buses.”

According to a recent Department of Transportation study there are over 380 school bus fires reported every year, with over two-thirds initiating in and around the engine compartment.

Kent Tyler, VP of Fogmaker North America stated, “We are thrilled that Wolfington Body Company has taken this important step to not only add additional safety to their fleet, but partner with Fogmaker to raise awareness of this critically important safety issue. Our patented Fogmaker technology is designed to not only automatically suppress these thermal events, but also provide additional time for occupants to safely evacuate the bus.”

About Fogmaker North America:

Fogmaker North America is a leader in water mist fire suppression systems for vehicles and enclosed hazards. A unique, environmentally friendly, pre-engineered fire suppression system, that is rapidly becoming a standard practice on mobile equipment like mass transit, school buses, heavy machinery, forestry equipment and much more.   Fogmaker’s patented high-pressure water mist system rapidly reduces heat from fires with a direct attack on the fire triangle – heat, oxygen and fuel.  In seconds, engine fire temperature is reduced, allowing for rapid fire suppression and reducing the risk of re-flash.


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