An Open Letter from Child Check-Mate’s Founder and Vice President

Following the announcement of USSC Group’s acquisition of Canadian-based Child Check-Mate, Founder Gord Both and newly appointed Vice President Brad Both had this to say:

“Influenced by an event at our family owned school bus business in 1992, my partner Allan Lowe and I founded Child Check-Mate to improve the safety of school children around the globe. Our intention at Child Check-Mate was to provide school bus drivers with the tools they need to get students to and from school safely. We are able to leave our company with a sense of accomplishment and genuine belief that our products have assisted in achieving this goal.

Allan and I would like to thank the many Child Check-Mate employees over our 26 years whose pride and dedication have strengthened our product and improved the safety of our passengers.

To our numerous dedicated customers who know the importance of “Safety First,” we thank you. You have demanded a level of commitment from us that made us stronger as we grew. Thank you for trusting in us to provide you with the tools needed to help transport students safely.

While the ownership has changed in CCMS, I’m thrilled that my son, Bradley will have the opportunity and resources to continue his relationships with you while enjoying his new position at USSC. USSC is committed to school bus safety and I am excited to see what the future of Child Check-Mate will be with this support.”

Gord & Allan


From all of us at USSC Group, we welcome Child Check-Mate into our family of brands.