Fogmaker North America

Redefining Engine Fire Suppression

Fogmaker North America’s performance is superior to conventional fire suppression systems.  From fail-safe detection through ultra-fine, high-velocity vortex spray nozzles, Fogmaker North America’s high-pressure water mist system rapidly reduces the heat and suppresses the fire in seconds.  This advanced technology is the only system that simultaneously attacks all components of the fire triangle – Heat, Oxygen and Fuel.


FMNA Service Truck
FMNA Fire Test
Fogmaker North America Video Powder VS Water Mist
FMNA Tire Fire Video

Most vehicle installations are handled by qualified technicians in a matter of a few hours.  We have a complete line of installation accessories and required tools.  Your techs will participate in a certification class that can be custom-tailored to your industry and needs.  Factory support is a telephone call away.  Our systems will fall under industry recognized testing and maintenance cycles for hydro-testing and inspections.

Fogmaker North America water mist systems are installed on vehicles of all types throughout the world and are now available in North America.  We are actively rolling this unique technology out to the fire equipment and vehicle equipment industries.  You can be a part of the water mist revolution!

Fogmaker North America systems can be activated by a variety different means.  Our automatic pneumatic tubing is robust and capable of withstanding the demands of rugged, shock-prone environments.  Our manual and electrical releasing options are suitable for a wide variety of applications.  Our extraordinarily small water droplets are dispensed within the protected area via our patented nozzles, turning the heat to steam, reducing the temperature within the protected area and snuffing out the fire.  The water droplets that form with our technology exponentially increase the fire kill capabilities of the relatively small amounts of water needed.