The Viper incorporates the benefits of the Sidewinder, plus a backrest adjustment and shoulder support for added comfort and support.

Technology and strength make the Sidewinder a comfortable, safe seat for extreme duty.

These seats are specially designed to fit the HMMWV Commander seat area, positioned on top of the existing battery box.

Global Seating for Military offers the most advanced blast-absorbing and blast-deflecting seating and restraint systems for the latest generations of armored and soft-skinned combat vehicles.  These systems not only minimize the impact of a range of kinetic threats, but also protect against the effects of accidents and post-blast dynamics, ensuring that soldiers arrive not only […]

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The Cobra seat offers blast protection maximizes soldier comfort with its removable insert and side bolsters.Maximizing injury tolerance thresholds and Soldier survivability requires that seats be ergonomically designed and designed to accommodate the body profile of the user population. A seat in a military vehicle must be designed to accommodate Soldiers wearing either no gear […]

Optimized for occupant comfort, blast protection and seat weight, GSS’ PRS blast seats are the most protective seats in the military market today. Designed using FEA simulation, laboratory testing, in-vehicle ride/drive and live-blast testing, these seats are fully validated against the toughest military blast seat requirements.