It Starts with the Frame

Engineered with superior industrial strength for extreme durability, Valor First Responder seats are designed from the frame up for advanced comfort, safety, and performance. We know the rigorous demands of today’s firefighter’s and EMT’s call for seating that can withstand tremendous pressure and longstanding ware. That’s why our seats are designed from the frame up.

Valor First Responder seats use high strength carbon steel, designed to provide better mechanical properties and aid in the resistance against corrosion. This same steel is used on heavy-duty machinery, construction materials, bridges, barges and more and can handle large amounts of stress over long periods of time. Additionally, this steel is highly formable and weldable, making it a clear choice for our frame base.

Our unique, oval-shaped frame provides the strength and durability to withstand even the harshest conditions and years of use. This oval shape creates a significantly increased strength versus traditional, round tubing. Separate from the shape, though, is the design of the frame. Welded into the oval frame are strengthening braces that are specifically engineered to create overall strong points.

Dual recline gearing allows the seat to move evenly. Traditional seats with single-sided gearing create uneven mobility and can detract from the overall strength of the frame. Relevant in the case of a potential incident, whether roll over, head on or otherwise, the gears create a strengthening in the pivot point. A one-sided gear set wouldn’t allow for the same flexibility and doesn’t maintain the pivotal strength in the same way our dual-sided gear would.

Our frames have been tested against many simulated accidents and industry standard tests. While our competitor’s seats might pass a head-on pull test, they buckle under pressure from specific angles. Our seat frames have been specifically designed to pass both, giving you peace of mind when it comes to safety and survivability.

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