9000 Series

United States Seating’s Locomotive and Rail operator seats are ergonomically designed to help reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress.

A seat that can be used in both Public Transit driver and Rail/Locomotive, the 9000 Series

  • Complied with International ISO ANSI Vibrations Standards
  • Integrated Seat Belts: Both 2 and 3 pt. seat belts are mounted directly to the seat frame and move with the seat, providing a completely integrated restrain system.
  • Slides Below Suspension: The operator’s weight remains centered over the center of the scissors system at all adjustment locations–reducing suspension torque, minimizing maintenance, and increasing suspension life.
  • Pendulum Scissors System: This transit and off-road proven, robust system provides durability for extreme-use, multiple-driver environments.
  • Dual Shock Suspension Damping
  • Bilateral and Infinite Height Adjustments
  • Infinitely Adjustable Seat Pan Rake, Recline and Mechanical Lumbar
  • Fore/Aft Adjustment: Three options: 6.25″, 9.45″, 11.80″
  • 500 Lb Dead Lift Capacity – 650 Lb Seat Rating
  • Three Suspension Options: 9001 Air Suspension – full stroke, 9002 Mechanical suspension – full stroke, 9004 Mechanical soft static – stepless height adjustment with a limited 1/2″ suspension stroke.
  • Front Adjustable, Flip Up Armrests
  • 4 Way Adjustable Headrest
  • Protective Backshell
  • Docket 90A Compliant Materials
  • Mechanical Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Recline Limit Stops: The backrest recline can be limited to prevent the seat back from hitting any vehicle components, which may result in damage to the seat back or vehicle.
  • Choice of Upholstery Materials
  • Silicone Bottom Cushion
  • Removable Shoulder Belt: The operator can choose to use the seat as either a 2 pt. (lap) belt or 3 pt (lap and shoulder) belt.