This heavy-duty transit seat incorporates tested strength and durability with function, ergonomics and value.

The Angel is made with high quality SMC fiberglass (Pre-Formed construction is also available). This rugged construction means consistent shell thickness, uniform color in the molding process and long life with no maintenance worries

  • The Angel shell is made with high quality SMC fiberglass (Pre-Formed is also available). It is fire-resistant, strong, lightweight and available in a variety of colors
  • Individually molded color-coordinated thermoplastic or stainless steel grab rails
  • The Angel’s back panel is made from super strong thermoplastic and incorporates our Knee-Saver feature for increased hip-to-knee room.
  • Heavy-Duty seat and back inserts can be easily removed for cleaning or replacement with most industry models
  • The “T” leg and/or cantilever frame can be made of powder-coated carbon or stainless steel.
  • The base frame can be customized to accommodate almost all wall tracks or mounting systems
  • The Angel shell is attached to the frame without the use of rivets
  • All Angel Angel seat frames are jig welded, powder coated, and made with the highest quality tubing and steel
  • Energy absorbing molded thermoplastic or stainless steel grab handles
  • Your choice of AV (Anti-Vandal) inserts with KEVLAR®:
    • Non Padded
    • Padded
    • Padded with FTA foam
  • Inserts with FTA Foam (low smoke docket 90) or HR Polyurethane foam per FMVSS 302
  • Your choice of vinyl or fabric (polyester, olefin or wool)
  • Flip seats (forward or aisle facing)
  • Integrated push buttons, touch tape, touch pads or hand holds for flip seats
  • White Book or Docket 90 compliance
  • Freedman F.I.R.S.T.™ system (permanently mounted retractable wheelchair restraints) with your choice of Sure-Lok™ or Q’Straint® belts
  • Stainless steel back panel
  • Custom mounting for almost any vehicle (cantilevered, hinged rear seats, wall mounts, T legs, etc.)

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