Crew Seat SCBA Fixed Back Flip Cushion 18” & 20”

Crew Seat SCBA Fixed Back Flip Cushion

Crew Seat 18″ Fixed Back incorporating VALORTech XD Upholstery, Flip Seat Cushion.  ABTS or Non-ABTS Compatible

  • Seat Base:Flip Cushion
  • SCBA Bracket: Fixed or Dynamic Back
  • SCBA Bottle Bracket: SmartDock, Zico EZ Lock or Walkaway
  • ABTS: Dual Retractor 3 point with ReadyReach
  • Material: VALORTechXD Anti-microbial Upholstery
  • Magnetic SCBA Harness Securement
  • Occupant Sensor
  • Seat back angle available in 90 Degree or 95 Degree angles Seat Cushion available in 18″ or 20″
  • Seat Cushion available in fixed or flip
  • Parade Pack Available
  • Show Pictures of 20″ Flip Seat
  • Air-suspension and Electric Base Options

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