Designed with the latest in engineering technology for maximum seat comfort and safety.

USSC’s G2ELP seat with P1M mechanical suspension integrates the best in seat ergonomics and suspension integrity that greatly dampens erratic movements caused by varying road surfaces.

  • Upholstery: Standard durable seat materials include black fabric inserts and boxing material.
  • Lumbar Support: A rotation knob located on right-hand side of seat operates infinitely adjustable lumbar.
  • Back Recline: Seat backrest can easily be adjusted from 45 to 110 degree positions with left-hand side crescent handle.
  • Dymetrol Active Suspension: Greatly enhances driver ride quality by dampening road vibrations.
  • P1M Mechanical Suspension: the mechanical suspension is low-profile and has an adjustable knob to increase/decrease suspension dampening.
  • Low-profile suspension
  • Suspension mounts to various bolt patterns
  • Easily adaptable to many seat uppers
  • Protective bellows
  • Fore/Aft adjustments
  • Carbon steel riser

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