USSC G2M Locomotive and Rail Seats are equipped with the industry’s most advanced safety and comfort features. And built to last!

USSC G2M Locomotive and Rail operator seats are ergonomically designed to help reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. Long lasting life cycle due to sturdy working components and durable upholstery materials

  • R-back with Integrated Headrest (also available in high back with 4-way adjustable headrest)
  • Adjustable Back Recline with Dual Discontinuous Gears
  • Sealed Tilt with Dual Discontinuous Gears
  • Sealed Roller-Bearing Swivel Mechanism
  • Fore/Aft Adjustment (6.25″ or 9.50″ slide adjustment)
  • Durable Codura Fabric with Offset Stitching

Mechanical Suspension- infinitely adjustable within a 4″ height

Seat Recline/Tilt- adjusts to several personal comfort levels with tilt forward position to access area behind the seat

Seat Rotation- can be customized for individual rotation and lock requirements

Seat Cushion Slide- adjusts 2.5″ so pressure can be distributed evenly along the thigh

  • Precisely Adjustable Mechanical Lumbar Support
  • Adjustable Flip-up Armrests

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