GrabHold Safety Feature

The newly designed GrabHold by 4ONE helps protect passengers from sudden shifts in bus movement.

The GrabHold gives passengers who sit in aisle position on a forward facing flip seat something to grab onto in the event of a sudden stop or deceleration. The GrabHold product line is available on the Gemini, Aries, CitiSeat and CitiPro and can also be purchased as a retrofit product for most other seats on the market. The GrabHold comes standard with padding for added comfort and safety and special order colors are available.

  • Eliminates the cost and bulk of adding a stanchion.
  • Provides economical passenger risk protection and complies with all applicable APTA stanchion and armrest standards.
  • Release lever is conveniently located beneath the seat and can be foot actuated.
  • SplitFlip option allows more floor space and room for walk-on items.
  • Risk protection for passengers seated in forward-facing flip seats
  • Inexpensive safety enhancement
  • Adaptable to existing 4ONE flip seating (as well as flip seats made by other manufacturers*)
  • Does not require connection to a stanchion in most vehicles**
  • Available with standard yellow or black padding, or non-padded stainless steel
  • Meets APTA Standards (TBA)

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