Komfort Latch

Our seat belts systems (Ready Reach) combined with the Komfort Latch provide significant differentiation in operator seating safety compliance and comfort

Able to be applied to any of our Ready Reach seat belts, the Komfort Latch works to eliminate nuisance issues in regards to shoulder pressure and neck rubbing. To keep our drivers safe, follow the instructions below or watch our handy user guide.

  • Start with the Komfort Latch at the bottom of the seat belt and slide it to the top of the seat belt.
  • Sit in a normal driver position and place two fingers underneath belt.
  • Place in the on position. Now, the belt is protecting the driver safely without pressure on the neck.
  • When ready to leave the driver seat, press the off button.
  • Slide the Komfort Latch down the seat belt and depart safely.

Ask about retrofitting your existing seat with the Komfort Latch today!