Perch Seat

Engineered for maximum durability, safety and flexibility.

Perch passenger seats are the industry leader, the number one choice in advanced value and adaptability. Perch seats are designed for use in the low floor sections, articulation joint area and/or perimeter seating areas.

  • Lightweight Construction: Ergonomically designed using aluminum for lighter weight
  • Upholstered Inserts: Available with or without padding
  • Contoured Seats: Standard back cushions provide additional comfort
  • Theater Style: Available with lock down or auto up feature
  • Seating Configurations: Available in 1-3 person seating


Complete Mounting Package

  • Aluminum, stainless, or carbon steel painted pedestals and cantilevers
  • Transverse and longitudinal seats
  • Transverse and longitudinal flip-up seats


Flexibility of design and ergonomics

  • Can be used as “leaner” rest
  • Can be attached to wall or mounted to a base
  • When folded-up, passenger aisle space increases along with improved traffic flow

Docket 90A Compliant Materials

PT2C Inserts Padded Tough-To-Cut Vandal Resistant Inserts

Upholstery Materials Choose among 4ONE standard materials or customer specified upholstery

Padded Inserts Inserts can be padded with polyurethane foam or Docket 90A compliant foam

Mounting Package A variety of mounting packages including cantilever and pedestal

Lock Down Seat stays in down position

Theater Style Auto fold-up

Locations Low floor, perimeter and articulation joint areas

Configurations One, two and three person seating

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