ADA Securement System

Q’POD wheelchair securement stations, with a patented 3-Point Securement System, is the first fully integrated system that provides a complete ADA system. Features built into each station minimize tipping risks, accommodate oversize chairs and reduce dwell times. While other wheelchair securement stations for transit might be compliant with ADA requirements, Q’POD sets the industry standard by delivering a complete securement system solution and a 5-year warranty.

Q’POD is available with a variety of seating options.

Patented 3-Point Securement System – Eliminates aisle-side tripping hazards and unnecessary equipment on the floor.Stabilizing Bumper – Acts as the fourth wheelchair contact point to reduce possible wheelchair tip-overs.

Scooter Ring – Offers effective securement for wheeled mobility devices prone to tip-overs.

Integrated Shoulder Belt – Provides ideal shoulder belt location and eliminates the need for window brackets.

XPress Mechanical Paddle Handle – An electric release with audible alarm is optional.

Slim-Profile Flip Seat – Modern designed flip seat accommodates wider wheelchairs in a smaller footprint and can be used with various seating options.

Integrated Wheelchair Securements – Rear self-tensioning, pre-positioned wheelchair restraints and lap belts are

fully enclosed.

Easy Installation – Simply bolts on to vehicle eliminating custom brackets, bulky accessories and vehicle modifications.

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