United States Seating Company (USSC) & ClearMotion Announce Licensing Agreement & Partnership for Award-Winning Active Seat Technology, Formerly Known as Bose Ride.

Exton, PA, April 24, 2018– United States Seating Company (“USSC”), a leading manufacturer of high quality, ergonomic seating for the commercial and military markets has entered into a partnership with ClearMotion, an automotive technology company specializing in digital chassis control.  The two companies announce a strategic licensing agreement for ClearMotion’s proprietary control software, algorithms and mechatronics for active seating. ClearMotion’s active suspension seat, formerly known as Bose Ride, cancels road disturbances and reduces whole-body vibration and fatigue for drivers by up to 94%.

“United States Seating is excited to partner with ClearMotion, the clear market leader in active technology and a company that is equally as passionate about improving the quality of life of drivers,” said Joseph Mirabile, President and CEO of USSC. “This technology will help us improve the health and safety of our customers in ways that were not previously possible.”

“We are glad to partner with USSC, a company that mirrors our commitment to enhance comfort, safety, wellness and quality of time in vehicles”, said Shakeel Avadhany, CEO and Co-Founder of ClearMotion. “This partnership will expand our technology into new markets and deploy groundbreaking products to our customers.”

ClearMotion’s active suspension seat technology replaces standard commercial air ride seats with a proprietary base unit and an integrated seat upper, providing drivers with an unmatched level of isolation from road induced vibration. Third party scientific research concludes that whole-body vibration induces fatigue and stress to the spine and body, both of which are central to the health, wellness, and safety of commercial drivers.


USSC has acquired an exclusive license of the ClearMotion active suspension seat technology formerly known as Bose Ride I and II, for the transit bus, train, motor coach, and first responder markets. USSC is the market leader for seating for these applications. As part of the partnership, USSC will also manufacture seat systems for ClearMotion.



About USSC

USSC (, comprised of United States Seating, Valor, Fogmaker North America and Global Seating Systems, designs and engineers world-class safety, survivability, and technology products for commercial and military transportation markets. As a global leader in the seating industry, USSC continues to develop the most durable and ergonomically designed seats to reduce day-to-day occupant fatigue and stress. USSC’s active seats for transit bus, train, motor coach, and first responder markets will be available for purchase starting in late Q3 2018.


About ClearMotion
ClearMotion’s road-sensing technology enables next-generation user experience for cars. A venture-backed automotive technology company, ClearMotion’s breakthrough proactive ride system combines software and hardware to mitigate vehicle movement across any type of terrain. ClearMotion was founded out of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and is headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts. For more information, visit


The ClearMotion active suspension seat for commercial trucks is available for purchase effective immediately. Individual, fleet, and OEM orders can be made by visiting or by calling Jim Lazaro at (978) 652-8111.