United States Seating on the Growth, Expansion, and New Technologies of the Past Year

Employees, customers, and partners all gathered in Exton, Pennsylvania, on November 16 to celebrate the grand opening of its new 300,000-square-foot manufacturing facility. Located just across the street from its existing facility, company executives gave tours of the new location to more than a hundred guests and before keynote speakers from various organizations.

And, the company is not finished yet. Joe Mirabile, President and CEO, USSC Group, said that the acquisition and renovation of the new facility took just 10 months and looks forward to new construction that will add 200,000 more square feet to the company’s footprint, this will be completed in 2020. The opening of this new facility will allow the company to add more than 200 manufacturing jobs in Chester County, Pennsylvania.

With new plans for expansion came new product lines with the acquisition of Vista Brake Lock and Child Check-Mate in the first quarter, along with United States Seating’s latest suspension technology.

Vista Brake Lock, located in Sanford, Florida, manufactures and sells innovative safety and security systems for all emergency vehicles. Invented by Randy Smathers, a 34-year career firefighter, and retired Division Chief, Vista Brake Lock for apparatus equipped with air brakes, and Vista Park Lock for apparatus with automatic transmission shifters are designed to prevent theft of emergency vehicles while on call.

“This acquisition comes as part of USSC’s ongoing commitment to protect the men and women who serve our communities as emergency service professional,” said Joseph Mirabile, President and CEO, USSC Group. “VISTA is a welcomed addition to our portfolio of brands and extend and strengthen our capabilities to offer our customers innovative safety solutions for commercial and military transportation markets.”

“USSC’s focus is new technologies that improve safety and asset protection for our customers,” emphasized, Ray Melleady, EVP, USSC Group. “The Vista Brake patented technology prevents unauthorized use of the equipment and accidental roll aways which, unfortunately, are far too common in public transportation operations.”

USSC Group will bring the manufacturing of (VISTA) to their headquarters in Exton, PA., where they will integrate the manufacturing into their product line.

United States Seating’s new ClearMotion Quiet Ride technology promises to cancel road noise and reduce fatigue and full body vibration for drivers by up to 94%. Powered by ClearMotion, this active seat technology can reduce back pain and other injuries associated with full body vibration.

By incorporating smart technology directly into the seat’s base, the ClearMotion Quiet Ride can offset harsh road noise and conditions drivers face on long distance drives and in and around town. Third-Party scientific research concludes that whole-body vibration induces fatigue and stress to the spine and body, both of which are central to the health, wellness, and safety of commercial drivers.

“The technology speaks for itself,” says United States Seating’s Director of Engineering, John-Paul McGovern. “Once you drive on the open road, you’ll immediately feel the difference. It’s tough to go back to a regular suspension after using this seat.”

USSC’s other acquisition, Child Check-Mate, headquartered in Ottawa, Canada, developed and patented a unique alarm system which acts as an electronic reminder to drivers in order to ensure that all children have safely disembarked the vehicle upon the completion of each run. In its 26 years of operations, CCM has worked with more than 500 school districts worldwide and its innovative products are presently installed in over 400,000 commercial vehicles.

“This technology acquisition comes as part of USSC’s unfaltering commitment to advance the safety and security of our customers – in this case, the children who ride to school and childcare every day,” said Joseph Mirabile, President and CEO of USSC Group. “CCM’s proven system is a welcomed addition to our portfolio of brands, as it will expand and strengthen our capabilities to offer our customers innovative safety solutions for the commercial transportation markets. We look forward to partnering with the entire CCM team and continue building the company’s innovative products.”

While working at their family’s school bus business, Gord Both and Allen Lowe saw a critical need to improve the safety for school children around the globe. It was their collaborative efforts which made the idea of CCM a reality.

Bradley Both has been promoted to Vice President at CCM and, with the full support of the USSC team, will oversee manufacturing in Ottawa, Canada.