United States Seating’s Latest Addition: The ClearMotion Quiet Ride

United States Seating introduces a revolutionary active suspension seat, formerly known as BOSE Ride, to the transit industry.

Introducing the ClearMotion Quiet Ride by United States Seating. This revolutionary technology cancels road noise and reduces fatigue and full body vibration for drivers by up to 94%. Powered by ClearMotion, this active seat technology can reduce back pain and other injuries associated with full body vibration.

By incorporating smart technology directly into the seat’s base, the ClearMotion Quiet Ride can offset harsh road noise and conditions drivers face on long distance drives and in and around town.

ClearMotion’s active suspension seat technology replaces standard commercial air ride seats with a proprietary base unit and an integrated seat upper, providing drivers with an unmatched level of isolation from road-induced vibration. Third-Party scientific research concludes that whole-body vibration induces fatigue and stress to the spine and body, both of which are central to the health, wellness, and safety of commercial drivers.

“The technology speaks for itself,” says United States Seating’s Director of Engineering, John-Paul McGovern. “Once you drive on the open road, you’ll immediately feel the difference. It’s tough to go back to a regular suspension after using this seat.”

United States Seating’s demonstration seat simulates long distance road conditions such as uneven surfaces, potholes, and harsh weather conditions to give the driver a sense of how the technology works within the seat. The simulation takes the driver through a before and after stage of the road, offering the driver the ability to see how the seat would perform with and without the active suspension.

For more information or to schedule your own demonstration, visit us at United States Seating.