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What is FMNA? What types of fires is it appropriate for?

FMNA Fire Suppression is a unique, UL-listed, pre-engineered fire suppression system that is suitable for many fire suppression applications.  Our high-pressure water mist technology pioneered the use of water mist on mobile equipment like mass transit, school buses, heavy machinery, farm equipment, rail stackers, forklifts, airport equipment, snow and ice grooming equipment, logging equipment and mining equipment.  FMNA’s water technology will allow for the use of our systems in sub-zero climates.  Our technology is extraordinarily green, doing no harm to the environment, the atmosphere, to people or to equipment.  Our roots are in Europe, having been developed in Sweden in the mid-1990’s.  We are now taking North America by storm, with a network of dealers and distributors across the U.S. and Canada.


What agent does it use?  WATER!

Other Attributes

  • Exceptionally small footprint
  • Easy to install
  • Environmentally responsible – Non-Toxic
  • CNG systems and accessories available
  • Control panels available
  • Factory support and engineering services available


Installation and Maintenance

Most vehicle installations are handled by qualified technicians in a matter of a few hours.  We have a complete line of installation accessories and required tools.  Your techs will participate in a certification class that can be custom-tailored to your industry and needs.  Factory support is a telephone call away.  Our systems will fall under industry recognized testing and maintenance cycles for hydro-testing and inspections.



FMNA water mist systems are installed on vehicles of all types throughout the world and are now available in North America.  We are actively rolling this unique technology out to the fire equipment and vehicle equipment industries.  You can be a part of the water mist revolution!

How does it work?

FMNA systems can be activated by a variety different means.  Our automatic pneumatic tubing is robust and capable of withstanding the demands of rugged, shock-prone environments.  Our manual and electrical releasing options are suitable for a wide variety of applications.  Our extraordinarily small water droplets are dispensed within the protected area via our patented nozzles, turning the heat to steam, reducing the temperature within the protected area and snuffing out the fire.  The water droplets that form with our technology exponentially increase the fire kill capabilities of the relatively small amounts of water needed.

FMNA Vehicle Applications
Rail Stackers Bull Dozers Logging Equipment Track Hoes
Mass Transit Buses School Buses Disabled / Handicapped Transport Airport Runway Equipment
Chippers Document Destruction Zamboni Forklifts
Garbage Transport Landfill Compactors Slag Haulers Gensets / APU’s
FMNA Vehicle Applications
Engine compartments Coolant heater compartments Compressor compartments AC condenser / evaporator area
Particulate trap area Dashboard area Fuel filler tank area Cargo area
Generator area Battery boxes Electrical cabinets Hydraulics
CNG Vehicles Belly Pans Storage Areas Pumps and hoses

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