Precision technology that suppresses engine fires in seconds! With over 20 years of proven success and more than 120,000 systems delivered, Fogmaker fire suppression technology has become the market leader for bus fire suppression systems in Europe and Australia. Now, with a network of dealers and distributors in the U.S. and Canada, Fogmaker patented technology is rapidly becoming the approved system of choice.

Fogmaker’s performance is superior to conventional fire suppression systems. From fail-safe detection through ultra-fine, high-velocity vortex spray nozzles, Fogmaker’s high-pressure water mist system rapidly reduces the heat and suppresses the fire in seconds. This advanced technology is the only system that simultaneously attacks all components of the fire triangle – Heat, Oxygen and Fuel.

Fogmaker is a self-contained and sustained, ready-alert system. The independent system has no adverse impact on the vehicle’s ongoing performance or maintenance.