Fire Suppression for School Bus

A fire in the engine compartment of a school bus can be devastating for the driver and passengers, resulting in unwanted downtime or complete destruction of the vehicle. High-pressure water mist is a superior suppression technique in an engine compartment to strongly limit the consequences of a bus fire. 

Fogmaker’s fully tested and certified system attacks all three sides of the fire triangle, Heat, Oxygen, and Fuel, effectively preventing reflash from occurring. The patented system cools thermal events by distributing an even, fine water-mist solution of AFFF and water, blanketing the fire and taking out the Oxygen. With the Oxygen removed and the temperatures drastically decreased, there is no fuel left to ignite a reflash.

Why Fogmaker?

  • The system is normally installed in less than one working day and can be carried out by our Field Service Technicians.
  • Triple Action³ – attacks all three sides of the fire triangle
  • Simplicity – no power supply, position independent, minimal obstruction
  • Low LCC (Life Cycle Cost)– annual inspection, 5-year
  • service
  • Minimal clean up after the system has been triggered
  • System monitoring – activity, low pressure, and fire alarm
  • Automatic engine shutdown optional


Fire Suppression in the News:

After a fatal accident in 2017, fire suppression systems are now recommended by the NTSB to be installed on all new and existing school bus fleets. 

At a public hearing held by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) on Tuesday, June 18th, 2019 the safety committee ruled to recommend all new school buses be equipped with engine fire suppression systems, as well as retrofit existing buses with systems. The recommendation comes after an accident in 2017 that ended in two fatalities

In their findings, the NTSB cited a recent U.S. Department of Transportation study (Volpe Report) documenting over 380 school bus fires reported every year, with the majority initiating in and around the engine compartment.  The NTSB recommendation for engine fire suppression was not only for new school buses, but also included all in-service school buses be equipped with fire suppression systems.