Driver Suspension Seats

USSC LX Series driver seats are designed to reduce day-to-day driver fatigue and stress. LX Series seats comply with international ISO and ANSI vibration standards.

  • Best in Class Dual Retractors – for maximum belt capacity, optimized sensitivity for operator comfort and functional use.
  • Integrated Seat Belts – Both 2 and 3 point seat belts are mounted directly to the seat frame and move with the seat, providing a completely integrated restraint system.
  • Slides Below Suspension – The operator’s weight remains centered over the center of the scissors system at all adjustment locations – reducing suspension torque, minimizing maintenance, and increasing suspension life.
  • Pendulum Scissors System – This transit and off-road proven, robust system provides durability for extreme-use, multiple-driver environments.
  • Dual Shock Suspension Dampening
  • Secondary Bumpers – prevent spinal compression associated with scissor slap.
  • Bilateral Adjustments – All adjustment mechanisms engage on both sides of the seat – distributing all loads equally between both sides of the suspension, preventing lateral toque, minimizing maintenance, and increasing seat life.
  • Integrated Seat Belts
  • Air Lumbar & Bolsters
  • Continuous Back Recline
  • Air Side Release
  • Air Lumbar & Bolster Adjustments
  • Removable Shoulder Belt
  • Recline Limit Stops
  • Low Profile Riser
  • Multiple-Chamber, Air-Adjustable Lumbar Support
  • Front Adjustable, Flip Up Armrests
  • Adjustable Side Bolsters
  • 4-Way Adjustable Headrest
  • Protective Backshell
  • Choice Of Upholstery Materials
  • Quick Removable Silicone Bottom Cushion

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