Fogmaker Fire Suppression Systems Approved for Installation on School Bus Fleets Across Georgia

Exton, PA, May 23, 2019 – Fogmaker North America, a global leader in self-contained water mist fire suppression systems, is one of the latest additions to the Georgia state school bus requirements. The 2019 Georgia School Bus Specifications were recently approved by the State Board of Education, resulting in a change in the Fire Suppression specification to allow for a water-based solution.

According to a recent U.S. Department of Transportation study, there are over 380 school bus fires reported every year, with the majority initiating in and around the engine compartment. To address this issue, a number of contractors and local school districts are appointing impactful solutions to significantly enhance the safety of students they transport daily.

“We’re looking forward to working with school district officials across Georgia to show them the environmental and performance advantages of our high pressure water mist system,” stated Kent Tyler, Executive Vice President, Fogmaker North America. “Fire Suppression is a critically important safety issue with bus fires happening daily. Our patented Fogmaker technology is designed to not only automatically suppress these thermal events, but also provide additional time for occupants to safely evacuate the bus.”

About Fogmaker North America:
Fogmaker North America is one of USSC Group’s core brands. Fogmaker North America is a leader in water mist fire suppression systems for vehicles and enclosed hazards. This unique, environmentally friendly, pre-engineered fire suppression system is rapidly becoming a standard practice on mobile equipment like mass transit, school buses, heavy machinery, forestry equipment and much more. Fogmaker’s patented high-pressure water mist system rapidly reduces heat from fires with a direct attack on the fire triangle – heat, oxygen and fuel. In seconds, engine fire temperature is reduced, allowing for rapid fire suppression and reducing the risk of re-flash. For additional information, about Fogmaker and The USSC Group, please visit, or follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, You-Tube.